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lumberjack feud sign
If you still haven’t seen the lumberjack show in Pigeon Forge, you need to go as soon as you can! Watch two lumberjack families compete against each other in 13 events, from log rolling to speed climbing. You can also test your own skills at the Adventure Park! Here are the top 5 things you’ll love about the lumberjack show in Pigeon Forge:

1. It’s Outside

lumberjack feud theaterUnlike the other theaters in town, the grandstand theater at the Lumberjack show in Pigeon Forge is actually outdoors! You can enjoy the warm sunshine and the cool breeze of fall when you see this show. Don’t worry if you want to see the show in the heat of summer or the chill of winter; the grandstand is climate controlled! There are heaters to keep you warm and fans to cool you off no matter what the weather is like!

2. The Adventure Park

Once you watch the show, you should head over to the Adventure Park! You can have your own lumberjack adventure! Jump from 80-foot-tall towers at Timber Towers with a variety of jump elements. Try some of the events you saw in the show, like log rolling, at Loggersports. If you love heights and obstacles, you should go on the High Woodsman Challenge. Everyone will want to ride the Flying Ox, a cross between ziplining and a roller coaster! You’ll have so much fun when you check out the Adventure Park!

3. Show is Interactive

lumberjacks chopping woodOne of the coolest parts of the lumberjack show in Pigeon Forge is how interactive the audience gets to be! Cheer on your favorite lumberjack from the grandstand as they compete in over 10 events. There’s even an on-stage interaction portion of the show you might get to do! Kids can also participate in an interactive intermission!

4. Bring Your Own Food

Pigeon Forge has plenty of dinner shows, but can you bring your own food to any of the other shows in town? Lumberjack Feud allows you to bring in outside food into their theater. Grab a burger and fries from Five Guys right next door or pack a cooler with your favorite drinks and snacks to enjoy while you watch the show! You won’t find this opportunity at any other show!

5. It’s Different

lumberjack cutting wood with a chainsawWhat makes the lumberjack show in Pigeon Forge one of the best is its uniqueness. There’s no other theater that is outdoors in this area. You won’t see feats of strength, high energy competitiveness with a little danger, and rugged entertainment like this anywhere else. Plus, there’s no other show that lets you bring your own food and drinks!

You have many reasons why you should see the lumberjack show in Pigeon Forge. Want to know more about Pigeon Forge and what it has to offer? Check out this Pigeon Forge attractions you’ll be close to when you stay with us!