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Prepare for an out of this world experience at the newest family fun destination in Pigeon Forge, Space Race Adventures! This is your chance to blast off into amazing adventures such as cutting edge go karts, immersive laser tag, galactic miniature golf and thrilling virtual reality games! Here are 5 intergalactic attractions to experience at Space Race Adventures in Pigeon Forge:

1. Galactic Mini Golf

Embark on an otherworldly journey through the cosmos with Galactic Mini Golf, the premier space-themed miniature golf course in Pigeon Forge! After stepping into this cosmic realm, you’ll be transported to distant galaxies, alien worlds and awe-inspiring celestial landscapes! Challenge your family and friends to see who can get the best score as you putt your way through an unforgettable adventure under the stars!

2. Futuristic Go Karts

go kart indoorsAnother one of the intergalactic attractions to experience at Space Race Adventures in Pigeon Forge is the Futuristic Go Karts! Feel the adrenaline as you take the wheel of these state-of-the-art electric go karts and race along the sleek, futuristic track! These go karts offer lightning-fast acceleration, responsive handling, and precise controls, allowing you to push the limits and unleash your inner speed demon!

3. iCombat Laser Tag

The iCombat Laser Tag at Space Race Adventures offers an immersive battleground where futuristic lights and heart-pounding music set the stage for an epic showdown! Whether you are a seasoned laser tag veteran or a first-time player, the arena offers a perfect blend of strategy and action to keep you engaged from start to finish! Test your skills as you navigate through challenging obstacles and outmaneuver your opponents to emerge victorious!

4. Megaverse Virtual Reality

boy in space during virtual realityStep into the future of gaming with Megaverse Virtual Reality at Space Race Adventures in Pigeon Forge! You’ll be transported to immersive virtual worlds where your wildest dreams become reality and your gaming fantasies come to life like never before! Some of the incredible games that you can choose to play include Carni Chaos, Undersea Adventure, Pirate’s Fate and S.W.A.T. Extraction!

5. The Hurricane

For the ultimate virtual reality adventure in Pigeon Forge, don’t miss The Hurricane! This is an exciting opportunity to explore limitless worlds and experience the thrill of VR gaming like never before! Once you book your VR session, prepare to be blown away by the immersive power of this unique attraction!

Location and Ticket Information

Space Race Adventures is conveniently located in the heart of Pigeon Forge at 2891 Parkway and is just minutes from our affordable hotel! You can purchase tickets to each of the individual attractions, including options for multiple VR games, extra miniature golf rounds and additional go kart races. For the best value, consider one of the Package Deals at Space Race Adventures that includes multiple attractions for one low price!

Check out all of the rooms at our hotel in Pigeon Forge TN today to stay close to Space Race Adventures in Pigeon Forge and be one of the first guests to experience this new intergalactic destination! We look forward to seeing you soon!