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If you’ve never driven the Foothills Parkway in TN, you should definitely do it the next time you’re in town! This road was commissioned in 1944. Over the last few decades, several large sections of the road have been completed, but there’s still a little over 30 miles to be completed until the two sections of the road are finally connected. We will be talking about stops along the Western portion of the road. Here are 8 stops you should make along the Foothills Parkway in TN:

1. Parson Bald Overlook

mountain view foothills parkwayParson Bald Overlook is the first stop right after the Chilhowee Entrance on the U.S. Highway 129. There are several parkings spots for personal vehicles and RVs so you can walk to see the incredible view. At this overlook, you’ll be able to see Parson Bald mountain on the right and Gregory Bald on the left. Parson Bald stands at 4,732 feet tall.

2. Happy Valley Overlook

Happy Valley Overlook is another stop along Foothills Parkway TN. Happy Valley is a valley that sits at the bottom of Chilhowee Mountain. You can still see Parson Bald and Gregory Bald from this overlook. There are several spots to park at this overlook as well, including a grassy spot where you could walk around or have a picnic.

3. Chilhowee Mountain Overlook

foothills parkway viewThe foothills of the Great Smoky Mountains include Chilhowee Mountain. This overlook is smaller than some of the other ones, but it provides a beautiful view of the mountains.

4. Gregory Bald Overlook

Gregory Bald stands at 4,949 feet tall. Even though the hike to Gregory Bald isn’t along Foothills Parkway TN, it’s a beautiful hike you might want to go on! From this overlook, you’ll be able to look at the mountain for an incredible view. There is parking for this overlook too.

5. Look Rock

look rock foothills parkwayLook Rock is the tallest point along Foothills Parkway. It stands at 2,640 feet, and the parking lot for this spot is the second largest along the drive. Not only do you have a great overlook where you can see the mountains, there’s also a picnic area at Look Rock. This is a great place to take a minute and enjoy the outdoors with your family while you eat a meal together. You can also go on a 2-mile-round trip hike to the Look Rock observation tower for more views.

6. Emerine Gap Overlook

Emerine Gap Overlook is the only stop along the road that has views on both sides of the road. On the west, you’ll be able to see the Cumberland Plateau and Maryville, a nearby city. On the east, you’ll have an amazing view of the Great Smoky Mountains.

7. Maryville Overlook

maryville view foothills parkwayThe Maryville Overlook is pretty narrow, but it’s a great view of a nearby city. You’ll be able to see homes and buildings in the city. On clear days, you’ll be able to see the Cumberland Plateau from this overlook. While there are some spots for cars, there’s only room for one RV for this overlook.

8. Great Smoky Mountains Overlook

One of the most beautiful views along the Foothills Parkway TN is the Great Smoky Mountains Overlook. This area has one of the largest parking lots because of its popularity. On the eastern side of the parking lot, there’s a panoramic view of the mountains you don’t want to miss.

You’ll definitely want to drive the Foothills Parkway TN when you come to town. Are you ready to start planning your next trip? Look through our Pigeon Forge hotel rooms and book one today!