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burger and fries
When you go to Dollywood, you’ll find plenty of places you can grab a meal! How do you decide which is the best place for your family? We share the top restaurants in Dollywood, from burgers and fries to southern classics! Check out these top 5 restaurants in Dollywood everyone in your family will love:

1. Front Porch Cafe

chicken fried steakLooking for a restaurant in Dollywood that’s more than fast food but not the fanciest sit-down place either? You should try the Front Porch Cafe. Start out with the garlic cheddar biscuits or Front Porch’s onion rings. You’ll find burgers and sandwiches everyone will love, and they are served with pickles and fries. Get a grilled chicken or salmon caesar salad for a lighter meal. You can’t go wrong with the meatloaf stacker or the country fried steak. Everyone in your group will love the food at Front Porch Cafe!

2. Red’s Drive-in

Step back in time to the 1950s when you eat at Red’s Drive-in. You can’t go wrong ordering a classic cheeseburger with crispy, golden french fries. You can put any toppings on your burger from the toppings bar, including lettuce, pickles, ketchup, and mustard. When you walk into Red’s, you’ll love the 50s vibe, from the jukebox to the red booths. You can even choose to sit outside on a nice warm day! This is the perfect restaurant in Dollywood for families since you’ll find something everyone will eat, and it won’t break the bank!

3. Aunt Granny’s Restaurant

Southern comfort foodIf your family loves southern dishes and buffets, then you’ll get the best of both worlds at Aunt Granny’s Restaurant! This restaurant in Dollywood is an all-you-can-eat buffet full of your favorite dishes, making it perfect for families. You’ll love the fried chicken, mashed potatoes, green beans, and biscuits. There’s also a salad bar full of your favorite toppings. If someone doesn’t want a southern meal, they should check out the taco bar! You also don’t want to miss the dessert bar!

4. Market Square Skillets

As you walk through Rivertown Junction, you’ll smell onions and peppers then hear the sound of sizzling as you get close to Market Square Skillets. If the smell and sound don’t reel you in, then the sight of the food on the Big Skillet will definitely make you want food from Market Square Skillets! Get a cheesy philly steak sandwich or a sausage sandwich covered in onions and peppers. Pair your sandwich with loaded chili chips or regular kettle chips. Take a seat at one of the picnic tables and enjoy your meal as a family!

5. Victoria’s Pizza

pepperoni pizzaOne food almost everyone can agree on is pizza! Make your way to The Village and stop at Victoria’s Pizza for your meal. Choose from pepperoni or cheese pizzas; you won’t want to miss the gooey, cheesy slices. There’s even kid sizes available for your little ones! Grab a drink and a fruit cup, then head to the outdoor patio to enjoy your meal.

There’s plenty of restaurants in Dollywood where you and your family can enjoy a meal! Book a room at our hotel near Dollywood and start planning your trip to now!