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cinnaholic cinnamon rolls in pigeon forge
When that craving for something sweet hits, you want to know where the best ice cream, cookies, cupcakes, or other delicious baked goods are! Fortunately, Pigeon Forge is home to several sweet shops that will hit the spot for anyone with a sweet tooth. Check out these 6 of the best places to get desserts in Pigeon Forge.

1. The Yard Milkshake Bar

milkshake from the yard milkshake barYou’ve probably seen those crazy looking milkshakes stacked with desserts, and if you’ve always wanted to try one, you can at The Yard Milkshake Bar! Their signature milkshake is called The Dolly, and it’s strawberry cheesecake ice cream with the jar rolled in sprinkles and topped with cookie dough, whipped cream, and a butterfly wafer cookie! There is a cereal themed milkshake, one that’s topped with a whole slice of cheesecake, and a vegan chocolate chip milkshake! Be sure to take a friend to share your crazy milkshake with!

2. The Bake Sale

If you happen to be wandering around The Island and you need something sweet, stop by The Bake Sale! Just like the name implies, you’ll find all the delicious treats you remember at school bake sales: chocolatey s’mores, gooey rice krispie treats, dipped cookies, and so much more!

3. Buzzed Bull Creamery

buzzed bull creamery in pigeon forgeIf you’re on the hunt for something sweet with a twist, you have to go to Buzzed Bull Creamery. This ice cream shop caters to the 21 and up crowd with spiked scoops and milkshakes! Not only can you get your favorite liquor paired with your favorite ice cream flavor, you can also watch it be made before your very eyes since Buzzed Bull uses liquid nitrogen to make their ice cream! This is a cool place to grab something sweet while you’re in town.

4. Mad Dog’s Creamery

For a good ol’ mom and pop feel, you should head to Mad Dog’s Creamery. This little store is dedicated to all the furry friends out there, and you might just see a few when you walk in! They have delicious and unique ice cream flavors, like Yellow Brick Road or White Chocolate Raspberry. But if you aren’t in the mood for ice cream, you can’t go wrong with their signature yeast or cake donuts! You can also try their cinnamon rolls, fried pies, fritters, and funnel cakes!

5. Gigi’s Cupcakes

Do you prefer a simple cupcake for something sweet? Then Gigi’s Cupcakes should be at the top of your list when you need dessert in Pigeon Forge! You can’t go wrong with birthday cake, red velvet, triple chocolate, or cookies and cream! No matter what kind of cake you like, Gigi’s has it!

6. Cinnaholic

Another great place to get dessert in Pigeon Forge is Cinnaholic. This bake shop is pretty unique, because all of their offerings are vegan! But you’d never know with ow delicious they are! Their speciality is cinnamon rolls, and you can get them iced and topped however you like! Cinnaholic also offers coffee cake, edible cookie dough, brownies, cookies, and more!

We know you can’t wait to get to town to try all of these incredible desserts in Pigeon Forge! Are you more of a candy person than baked goods or ice cream? Don’t miss these candy stores in Pigeon Forge too!