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lazerport fun center
If you are looking for a fun and exciting activity to experience during your Pigeon Forge vacation, check out one of the laser game attractions in town! This is your chance to see if you have what it takes to navigate through laser mazes and hit targets with your laser blaster! Whether you are a kid or a kid at heart, you won’t want to miss these unique interactive games! Here are 4 thrilling laser game attractions in Pigeon Forge TN that you need to play:

1. Laser Tag at the LazerPort Fun Center

Lazerport Fun Center in Pigeon ForgeOne of the top laser game attractions in Pigeon Forge TN is Laser Tag at the LazerPort Fun Center! You can choose to play in one of the two 7,000 square foot laser tag arenas, which are the largest in the Smoky Mountains! After being equipped with your laser blaster and vest, get ready for some heart-pounding excitement as you try to sneak up on the other team with your laser beams! However, watch your back as your opponents will also be aiming their lasers at you in an attempt to win the game!

2. Laser Gun Coaster at Rowdy Bear Ridge

The Laser Gun Coaster at Rowdy Bear Ridge is a unique attraction that you will only find in Pigeon Forge! As North America’s first Alpine Flyer, this incredible ride combines a roller coaster with a challenging laser game! Each of the coaster cars is suspended from an overhead track and features just 2 seats so that you can play the game directly against your partner. As the coaster swings, dips and soars through Rowdy Bear Ridge, try to hit as many targets as you can with your laser gun!

3. Laser Maze at The Island

island at night with mirror maze and ropes courseAnother one of the top laser game attractions in Pigeon Forge TN that you need to play is the Laser Maze at The Island! The object of this action-packed adventure is to navigate the laser maze as quickly as possible and reach your checkpoints without breaking a beam. This obstacle course of highly sensitive lasers is tougher than it sounds as it requires you to jump, crawl and climb to avoid the beams! If you do break a laser, an alarm will sound and time is added to your final score. If you are skillful enough, you might just land your name on the Top 10 Scoreboard!

4. Laser Tag at WonderWorks

Strap on your vests and get ready for battle during a round of Laser Tag at WonderWorks! The fast-paced action takes place inside of a blacklight maze where you can try to hide and surprise your opponents! Your opponents might also spot you, so keep your mind sharp during this one-of-a-kind interactive game! This laser tag attraction uses innovative technology to create an unforgettable experience that is sure to be a highlight of your Pigeon Forge vacation!

Check out all of the rooms at our Pigeon Forge hotel today to stay just minutes away from these thrilling laser game attractions in Pigeon Forge TN! We look forward to seeing you soon at the Vacation Lodge!