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WonderWorks Museum in Pigeon Forge
Pigeon Forge is home to several amazing museums with interactive exhibits, making them popular destinations for everyone in the family! These are no dry history museums, but exciting attractions that are both fun and educational! The best part is that you will find these museums just minutes away from our hotel so that you can easily include them as part of your vacation! Here are 4 fascinating interactive museums in Pigeon Forge that you need to visit:

1. Alcatraz East Crime Museum

Alcatraz East Crime MuseumThe Alcatraz East Crime Museum takes an in-depth look into American crime history with 5 unique galleries that are spread over two floors! While exploring the museum, you’ll discover more than 100 interactive displays in both the permanent galleries and the temporary exhibits. One of the most interesting exhibits is the “Get-away Cars” display, which features Ted Bundy’s Volkswagen Beetle and the white Ford Bronco from the televised O.J. Simpson chase! While most folks take about 2 or 3 hours to go through the museum, you’ll want to add even more time if you love “all things crime”!

2. Beyond the Lens!

Another one of the fascinating interactive museums in Pigeon Forge that you need to visit is Beyond the Lens!, a unique attraction that combines pop culture entertainment and technology! There are over 150 interactive exhibits throughout the museum, as well as virtual reality rides, interactive games, a hunt for BigFoot, and a walk through the world of pop culture from the 1960s through today! You also won’t want to miss the hilarious photo opportunities in the Selfie section, where you can pose with dinosaurs, piles of cash money and more!

3. Titanic Museum Attraction

Titanic Museum in Pigeon ForgeStep aboard the world’s most famous luxury liner with the Titanic Museum attraction, an incredible museum that contains more than 400 artifacts directly from the Titanic and its passengers! Upon entering the ship, you’ll receive a boarding pass of an actual Titanic passenger or crew member and feel their spirit as you explore the interactive exhibits. While touching an iceberg, walking the Grand Staircase and reaching your hands into 28 degree water, you’ll experience what it must have been like to be on the ship!

4. WonderWorks

When it comes to the most fascinating museums in Pigeon Forge, be sure to put WonderWorks on your vacation itinerary! This attraction is an amusement park for the mind and features over 35,000 square feet of “edu-tainment”, all contained within the iconic upside down house on the Parkway! Altogether, WonderWorks contains 6 Wonder Zones with over 100 hands-on exhibits that challenge the mind and spark the imagination! You’ll find the ceiling under your feet and the ground above your head as you enter the museum, but simply pass through the inversion tunnel to realign yourself and start your interactive adventure!

Check out all of the rooms at our Pigeon Forge hotel today to stay close to these fascinating interactive museums in Pigeon Forge! We look forward to seeing you soon!