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Are you someone who likes to get away from the chain restaurants and find truly unique cuisines? Then you’ll love to learn about some of the best hole-in-the-wall restaurants in Pigeon Forge! From delis with signature sandwiches to South American cuisines, you’ll love trying all of these hidden gems while you’re in town! Check out these unique places to eat in Pigeon Forge

1. Pigeon Forge Deli

sub sandwiches with turkey, onion, lettuce, tomatoes, and cheeseIf you’re in need of a quick bite that’s off the beaten path, you need to stop at Pigeon Forge Deli. Tucked away off of Teaster Lane and basically hidden in plain sight, this eatery is the perfect place to go. Their signature Chub sandwich has all the meats and toppings you love, and you’ll also find cheesesteak, melts, and chicken salad sandwiches on the menu. You’re always welcome to get creative with your sandwich too. Plus, you’ll want to save room for their homemade pretzels and dipping sauces!

2. Cookie Dough Monster

While the name of this hole-in-the-wall restaurant in Pigeon Forge makes it sound like they only have dessert, don’t let it fool you! You’ll find all kinds of savory dishes you don’t want to miss at Cookie Dough Monster. From their take on a Nashville hot sandwich to a juicy burger covered in bright blue aioli, you’ll find a whole menu of items to try! And, of course, you have to try the edible cookie dough while you’re there!

3. Smokies Cuban Cafe

cuban shredded beef and riceLove trying new cuisines you don’t have back home? Then be sure to make time to eat at Smokies Cuban Cafe. The owner and chef at this Pigeon Forge restaurant is from Cuba, and they brought their country’s food to the southeastern US. From Cuban style pulled pork to fried shredded beef, you have a whole menu of items you’ll want to try. Be sure to pair your entree with fried plantains and yucca!

4. Time Out Deli

Another fantastic deli you won’t want to miss out on is Time Out Deli. This sandwich shop claims to be king of the hoagies, and you can’t go wrong with any of them! Try a gyro with lamb meat or their specialty steak in a sack. There’s also a reuben, philly cheese steak, burgers, and hot dogs on their menu. While the food at Time Out Deli is simple, this hole-in-the-wall restaurant in Pigeon Forge is definitely delicious!

5. Talitas Restaurant

steak fajitas with peppers and onionsIf you find yourself in the mood for Mexican food, you will want to stop at Talitas Restaurant. They have steak and chicken fajitas with onions and peppers, burritos stuffed with proteins and veggies, and mondongo soup. There’s also carne asada, chicken and plantains, and ribs in salsa verde. You won’t find more authentic Mexican food anywhere else in town!

Now you know about some of the best hole-in-the-wall restaurants in Pigeon Forge, and trust us when we say you will want to try them all while you’re in town! Since you have an idea of where you’ll be eating, you need to plan the rest of your trip. And we can help with that! Check out our Pigeon Forge hotel rooms, and book one for your vacation today!