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Welcome to Pigeon Forge
Traffic can be a real bear, sometimes. But it doesn’t have to ruin your Pigeon Forge vacation. In fact, there are actually ways that you can avoid feeling like you’re in a parking lot when all you want to do is get to your destination. Here are 5 ways that you can beat the traffic to enjoy your trip to the fullest.

Pigeon Forge Trolley Bus1. Take the Trolley

The trolley is an excellent mode of transportation, even if you don’t mind a little traffic on your Pigeon Forge vacation. At just 50 cents per person for a ride to a destination along the Parkway, it’s a nice way to give your nerves a break when they need it most. When you stay with us, you’ll have the trolley stop right outside our door for you! How easy is that!

2. Check the Events Calendar

A big reason for all the traffic you might endure on your vacation is the fact that there could be a big event in town. That is why it’s wise of you to check before you visit. Things like rod runs, concerts, or festivals could all be happening on your trip, so check our ​area events page​ for a full list to see if you can avoid some of the gridlock on the Parkway.

3. Plan a Weekday Vacation

If it’s possible to schedule a weekday Pigeon Forge vacation, that’s another way to beat the traffic. Tourists flock to this popular spot on the weekends, which are noticeably busier than weekdays. There are also fewer events, so if you forgot to check the events calendar, you won’t have to worry about a large throng of tourists. Crowds can be just as stressful if it’s not your idea of a good vacation.

4. Get Out Early

stack of pancakes with syrup and butterSleeping in is something many people look forward to on their vacation, but getting out early should be considered for maximum enjoyment on your Pigeon Forge vacation. Morning traffic usually isn’t bad, but you’ll be glad to get an opportunity to see the sights with minimal distractions. Also, enjoying a quiet meal at a great breakfast place isn’t a bad idea either. Check out ​Reagan’s House of Pancakes​ nearby if you want to try a delicious Southern breakfast loaded with savory or sweet treats!

5. Take a Walk

Staying at our hotel is another great way to beat the traffic on your Pigeon Forge vacation. We have several great attractions and restaurants within walking distance to our hotel. Park the car and stretch those legs a bit; you’ll find relief in doing as little driving as possible once you’re here.

Our central location on the Parkway means you’ll have plenty of opportunities to follow some of these ways to beat the traffic on your Pigeon Forge vacation. Once you get relaxed in our comfortable hotel, you’ll want that feeling to remain once you venture out again. ​Reserve your room​ now and clear your path for a wonderful time!